An amazingly intelligent, savvy creature. Creative and intuitive, she is capable of any task laid before her if she chooses to pursue it. If you are pursuing an Anne Marie, do not try to do so with romantic gestures, but rather intelligence and humor; she loves to laugh. In business matters, she will have done her homework, so feel free to fire away; she can handle anything you toss her way, however, proceed with caution. She has a memory like an elephant and will not forget what you have done, in spite of the smile on her face. If you are fortunate enough to have an Anne Marie as a friend, you will be rewarded with fierce loyalty and an occasional surprise. Do not be offended by her sarcasm. Chances are she's from New York and cannot help herself. She will have the utmost respect for you if you can respond in kind.
Anne Marie, savvy, intelligent, creative
by QC Femme February 4, 2010
The baddest bitch in the room. If you get a chance to date and Anne Marie you better keep her. She’s the one you want to bring home to Mom and Dad. She’s disliked by some but loved by most. She’s understanding and wants everyone to be happy. Overall she’s an amazing friend.
Hey dude do you have that Anne Marie girl’s phone number?
by Brilliantqueen April 9, 2020
The most amazing person you’ll ever meet. She has perfect eyes, an amazing smile, she’s beautiful, and has the best possible personality. She has a perfect laugh and she’s the most adorable person ever. She’s all round perfect :)
Anne Marie is the most perfect person i’ve ever met
by throwaway11421172 November 25, 2021

An Ann-Marie sets the bar for intellect, competence and refined sexual energy that drives men to risk everything just to impress her. At work, an Ann-Marie is routinely found touring the facility and picking up slack or doing some other important job that requires her to be fast and thorough and sharp as a tack. She is smart but not a smart girl.

An Ann-Marie knows she is beautiful (often described online as an 1011) and that with only a little effort, she can bring any man to his knees. Sometimes she does that just for fun, but more often she prefers to be the one on her knees. In fact, an Ann-Marie will discuss politics, the economy, or philosophy in great depth but she really likes rocket science. She is a rocket that likes everything about astrophysics and if you are one of the few guys lucky enough to have an Ann-Marie and your very own missile, she will talk all about its strength and thrust and tell you she wants to ride on it or hold it or give it an affectionate kiss. About the time that you try to bring up the point that it is seriously impossible to ride on a rocket or put it in your mouth, she makes you forget how to count backwards to blastoff from 10.
Joe: Hey Steve, how did a smart guy like you get such a hot girlfriend?

Steve: Seriously! I can’t tell whether I like her hot body or her firm grasp of astrophysics better. She is such an Ann-Marie.

Joe: I’d give anything to find an Ann-Marie
by sudenhim February 13, 2013