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When anything looks pretty and nice but is non-functional as is a Mac computer.
"The new Firefox 4 browser looks like it's mactarded. Nice design but it's lacking in functionality."

"Sarah used to be intelligent but then became mactarded in college. She's a slut now.
by HPiddy December 23, 2009
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Description of a person who lacks the ability to perform simple computing tasks without the assistance and guidance of a dumb-downed, childishly cartoon-like graphical interface, as one would find in the Macintosh operating system.
The guy at the print shop must be mactarded because he had no idea how to how to extract the image from the .zip file I sent.
by seanik March 24, 2010
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The feeling you get when switching from PC to Mac.
I would normally be able to do that on my computer, however I recently switched from PC to Mac and I'm still Mactarded.
by Mistress Julie December 29, 2008
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iliterate in Mac computer. Not Mac friendly.
That student did not know how to use the MAC computer. The student was unable to open up his document nor use Garageband, he is Mactarded.
by Zurigol July 14, 2009
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