d best race of all maco's short 4 macedonians which all of rockdale are renound for but dont forget us westies from abbotsbury :P d most attractive race of all.
fuck those maco's from abbotsbury are fukin hot pitchku mater
by bozza November 09, 2004
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When Ken wears his bike shorts it gives him a maco
by Jedibuddha May 27, 2017
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An operating system created in the 80's. It was the first operatung system to incorperate the GUI.Nowadays only 5% o the worlds computer systems are actually macOS, mostly becauese of the pricing, and the fact that most windows users 'slag' them off refering to all Mac user as a Mac fanboy, even through techally a mac run computer is easier to use and is more helpfull towards the media and arts side. Also it is 'slagged' off for its small amount if video games. However newer mac computer can run an app called bootcamp that runs windowOS and effectivly windows games

So techcally i you buy an intell based mac computer you can use both the easiness of a mac with the gamer side if windows

In my opinion
Mac user, MacOS
by Ajn231077 January 25, 2009
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Maco Trillway is a musical artist from Washington who blew up from his song ”fairly odd nicca” in 2017 & again in 2018 with Daefromoutnorf from their song “46”.
Music Recording artist globally known as Maco Trillway
by Maco Trillway Fan <3 March 17, 2021
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One of the finest intellectuals of our time. ‘Maco Trillway’ as his followers & Brogods in Trillway World call him is a current day king from Washington with the goal of using LOVE to unite our world.
Maco Trillway daily 2 gallons of the holy water from gods, and smokes about 3, 5 pound blunts. Due to his excessive holy water usage and smoking he has been enlightened to seek out the actress of iCarly,Miranda Cosgrove, and have many children to further the intellectual growth of humanity. His followers, also known as "Brogods” are so passionate about their leader they will do anything to stop or silence any criticism about Maco Trillway. They scream, yell and raise their burning pitchforks at anyone who dares to halt the furtherment of our race by Maco Trillway.
by Maco Trillway Fan <3 March 17, 2021
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Globally known music artist Known to have been apart of the global come up with lil mosey, Bandkids & the 46 dinero family in 2018.
Person 1: “ayy you heard of Maco Trillway??”
Person 2: “Yeah man
by Maco Trillway Fan <3 March 17, 2021
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