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A computer designed for idiots who can't do a simple task such as plug a cable from a device into their computer. People who buy macs think they are releasing themselves of former PC woes(Apple's advertising is built around this), but soon realize that Macs do have problems of their own. Hence the Mac fix it forums website.
Wow, I spent over $3000 on a overpriced piece of shit Mac computer and I can't get it to work!
by MACS spelt backward is SCAM January 13, 2009
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the most homosexual item ever released onto the market. people who bu these computers are undecidedly gay and unable to perfom basic boby operations properly.
i bet he owns a mac computer
by steve jobs smells bad September 23, 2007
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a computer developed by Macintosh (or Apple) that is in direct competition with PC (or Windows) computers developed by Microsoft. They are superior to Microsoft computers in that they run smoother and generally have less problems, but they are more expensive, are incompatible with many non-mac products and devices and don't have nearly as much freeware available for them, mainly because of the companies quality control ethic. Basically you pay the premium for the computer and everything else you need costs lots of money too. Its a rich mans computer. I use windows because I'm a poor cheapskate and PCs provide more freedom, but Mac computers do what they do very well.
person1: "He bought a Mac Computer"

person2: "Wow! he must be rich!"
by heavy metal machine November 19, 2009
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