well rounded individual. both good looking and intelligent, with a devilish sense of humour.
by madd dogg May 15, 2003
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Crap, rubbish, shit. Derived from Maccaroni - pony - pony and trap - crap......
Your shirt is macca!
by Vid October 27, 2004
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Jamaican patois for thorn or anything sharp that grows. somehting that "juks" (pokes/sticks) you.
macca juk mi finga!!
by de Roux November 5, 2006
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Large Willy male (minimum 8 inches). Gets sexy females and likes when they cream on his chest. Also called the all nighter as they can have long hard sex till the morning. Hunts lions for breakfast (Alpha Male)
“Have you seen Macca”
Yeah what a sex god I wish I was a Macca@
by RonnyHotdog May 19, 2021
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An elite gamer and 'hax'. Someone virtually impossible to beat. Enemy to noobs. A word to define a person of pure ownage. Sometimes refers to self as 'tank.' Also can refer to someone with unlimited amount of food storage. If you're defined as 'macca' it means you're cool'ed'
"Fucking hell! i can't beat Macca... no one can beat him!"

"God... look at how much that Macca can eat! 2 whole meals.. and he's going back for more!"
by Belinda .H April 18, 2007
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Macca something everyone likes , from macca cheese (macaroni cheese becuase everyone likes it)
That show was totally macca!
by immacca October 17, 2006
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(adj.)Rubbish, crap
exclamation meaning bollocks
" Have you heard the pop idol single? its f*cking macca!"
by Simon King January 21, 2004
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