Dudes, did you catch Macca on his last tour?
by Mer October 18, 2003
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A macca is where you insert your fingers (you can put 1 finger to your whole fist inside) into your bum hole. It is also known as fingering but inside of your bum instead of your vagina.
by macstark69 July 4, 2018
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Refer to maccer
Macca is such a legend everyone knows macca is a legend
by Gohn Gardenza January 25, 2008
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When someone chats macca, they are speaking utter nonsense and are full of shit.
Olyf: This lass came into the club the other day, straight 10. She looked about 24 and she came up to the bar and added me on Discord.
Jacke: You are chatting pure macca, Olyf. What a buffoon-like thing to say.
by Judwan February 24, 2020
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A type of cool that could not be defined using one word.
That guys car is so macca nobody could compete with it at the competition.
by Daniel Mac October 21, 2004
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When you finger your bum hole

Origates from Chester
Piss of mate go Macca your dad in the bath
by Macca stark July 2, 2018
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Shortened version of 'McCartney' that is often associated with musical icon Paul McCartney. Not much is known of when exactly the collective media and fans started referring him as such, however it seems to have originated as far back as 64', where John Lennon was heard affectionately referring to him as 'Macca'.
"Good old Macca from Liverpool, what a lad."
by VintageLark July 11, 2015
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