The Homo who denies all knowledge of bumsex with panhead
"no i did not have gay ass sex for hours with panhead!!!"
by Delve July 21, 2003
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A psychotic, delusional under the impression that he/she has friends. Often looks wordGhallahad/word.
I wish that macca would stop talking to himself.
by Fuel March 13, 2003
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A man who tends to attract quiche eating, fanta drinking, facial loving foreign men. Could also be desribed as a Fanta Boy.
Is there a Macca around? I need a facial...
by Anonymous May 16, 2003
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Macca is the preferred nickname of one whose second name begins with 'Mc' or 'Mac'. Usually preserved for tossers with red hair who go to university to look good.
See wanker
Hear about Macca last night?
Yeah he's such a gobshite
by Handy Man April 7, 2005
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a sandwich filled with a combination of ingredients which, while possibly delectable on their own, combine to form a particular unattractive mixture, eg. peanut butter and cucumber
"You're not really going to eat that macca, are you?"
by caroline June 11, 2004
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