i hate the species of men 🥰🥰
bestie 🥺: its alr, m*n suck anyways
by swaggysexcmilf September 15, 2021
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Stands for male name. Commonly used in male reader fan fictions.
M/n put on his coat. Today was going to be and interesting day, he thought.
by Kpop.Violin October 25, 2020
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(in message)
person 1:(Bob becomes m/n/m furious!)
person 2:(lol idgaf)
by catty box July 27, 2023
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! @M @N @SS ! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS! @M @N @SS
by Gn Leumassy March 18, 2022
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Every girl has a back-up plan, a plan B, or even plan C when trying to get laid. Some girls have a longer list that go all the way to L-M-N-O-P (like mine).

The "L-M-N-O-P's" are your last resort. He doesn't care that your stumbling and slurring your speech. He doesn't care that you have been dancing with other guys all night. He doesn't care that you haven't shaved your legs. He is the guy that will take you as you are no matter what just to get a shot at you. They lower their standards for you because you are drunk, they will probably never have a shot at you again, or the times they had you they really liked the cookie. But you lower your standards because they aren't attractive, you haven't found anyone better, or the last time you guys hooked up he didn't lay it down. The LMNOP's are an option that you just don't take.

My advice, just go home.
aimee: i need a quickie tonight

ashlee: why dont you call johnny over?

aimee: he was super lame last time we hooked up

ashlee: oh so he's your plan B now?

aimee: nah, more like a Plan L-M-N-O-P. Ya know, i'm really tired..maybe I should just go home alone tonight
by Good Girlz Gone Bad September 10, 2011
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-what the hell are you talking about?
by Anonymous November 5, 2002
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no message - in texts, emails, or posts where you put the information you want in the subject and don't have anything to add to the body of the message.
Subject: Will arrive at 6:15pm sharp!

Body: n/m
by Fashion Assassin June 22, 2010
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