People say on chats to learn whether you are male or female. After this question, they may say 'Fuck You' or 'Suck Your Balls'.
<Stranger>fuck u!
by fake hazard August 16, 2009
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This is a term for Mother F*cker or Mother F*ckin that can be slipped into any abreviated or slang phrase without offending the majority of the public.
I really need to know if you can attend this party A-S-A-M-F-P! Hey Johnny, Did you get that M Fin' car started yet? <> For the ultimate effect, add a G D before the M F to abreviate God D*mn Mother F*ckin for ultimate stress relief without offending. EX Hello, I'd like you to meet my G D to the M F boss Mr. Sucabut.
by goatofcolors October 06, 2006
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Short term writing for male or female, usually used while chatting with strangers.
Stranger: m f?
You: I dont understand why people on here ask questions like that, it's so boring. You sound like a pedophile.

You have left the conversation.
by singingunicorn June 27, 2011
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LAMF was an obscene acronym used in the 1960s and onward by teenagers and other youth, sometimes to describe their gangs, though not necessarily the more violent and highly-organized gangs now existing.

The acronym might be combined with their community or other name, as Kings LAMF and was often written with marker pen inside subway cars in New York City.

The term stood for "Like A Mother Fucker" and was also used as the title, in that context, albums by Folk-Rock Duo Bunky and Jake in 1969, L.A.M.F. and Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers in 1977, L.A.M.F.

In the present, some bands and individuals use the term LAMF to evoke connotations of said Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers album and the musical milieu that gave birth to it.

LAMF is also the name of the Burden Brothers Street Team.

Vans Skate Footwear has also released Jim Greco's pro model shoe, called the LAMF. Van's has also come out with the LAMF 2's.

Julian Cope and collaborators released an album by LAMF called Ambient Metal in 2001.

Japanese professional wrestler Yoshiaki Yago has the letters "LAMF" emblazoned on the back of his trunks.

Shannon Leto, of the band 30 Seconds to Mars, can often be seen wearing a shirt with the acronym LAMF written across the front in Pink lettering.
by JeRminatorX April 15, 2008
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Basically stands for 'mother fucking'
"Urgh, my m f-ing hammies are ripping in half" -
by Khaira August 24, 2008
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New game... Golden Girls... M/F/K... and GO difficulty: two of them are already dead, you sick bastards

From a thread
by Smiddy04 February 27, 2010
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