True. Johnny Thunders Rocks and L.A.M.F. is one of his great records. However, L.A.M.F. is not punk graffiti but gang graffiti. In New York City (johnny's home) the gang members would stray into other gangs territories where they would tag D.T.K. meaning "Down to Kill", a challenge to the gang who's turf it was. L.A.M.F. or "Like a Mutherfucker" would be added to accentuate or validate the existing tag.
Walter Lure D.T.K. L.A.M.F.
by Barnyard Billy August 29, 2006
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like a mother fucker, the title of johnny thunders and the heartbreaks incredible iconic punk album, often seen scrawled on walls. generally a punk statement.
" come on lets go party to LAMF!"
by jimmy volume April 19, 2005
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Lazy Ass Mother Fucker. Usually used when talking to a man that lays on the couch all day eating Doritos and drinking Mtn. Dew.
Jane: "Bob! get your arse off the couch and do something productive!"
Bob: "I'm playing a game right now! I'll get up when I want to! Now go make me a sandwich!"
Jane: "I should have never loved're a L.A.M.F!"
by Supportive_Chicken May 6, 2018
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New York City gang graffiti (like a mother fucker) affirming the previous statement.
the pigs suck, L.A.M.F. Cira 1966
by emc11235 September 7, 2006
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The abbreviation L.A.M.F. stands for "Like A MotherFucker" and it comes from old school (1970s) New York gang graffiti.
Some people pretend that the L stands for words like: Lucky or Lazy, but that's just their opinion and not an actual fact.
Guy 1: What does L.A.M.F. stand for?

Guy 2: its Like a motherfucker!
by L.A.M.F. January 16, 2022
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