Added at the end of a sentence or phrase to the make no sound which expresses a "dont you agree?" or a "isnt it so?" questioning or doubtful tone to your statement
James : This is coming for the test, noh?
Michael : No it isn't.
James : Ah, okay.

Mary : This bread will expire tomorrow, noh?
Anna : Yes, it definitely will.. but you will eat it before that, noh?
Mary : I think I'll just pass on that..
by Dread3301 December 9, 2019
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A retarded way of saying "no".
Jake: Have you seen what the weather will be like today?

Jason: Noh.
by Knighthawk44 February 13, 2017
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Aye Betty noh fix that shit
Bruh did you see Brenda we need to tell her, her noh.
by Squeakss January 20, 2020
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Newly Overhauled. The term noh or newly overhauled, factory renewed, or refurbished, all means the same.
I thought the eBay listing was ribs, but instead of being NIB, it was NOH. Crizzap, foo!
by clipper icepick June 24, 2007
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noh liay is just a ghetto way of saying no lie
whas gain on n that NOH LIAY

im kool fam NOH LIAY

oi i just won £100 init NOH LIAY!

im bored n that NOH LIAY, lets do sumin n that NOH LIAY
by Bacardi Crew March 20, 2007
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1. an orgasm

2. an agressive way of fucking

3. when you text your friend and she thinks you're someone else

4. something to eat, espeically when you're horny
1. ahhHhhhhh! I just had a noh kyung!

2. ohhh I am so hott, let's noh kyung!!

3. gawd i had when she pulls a noh kyung.

4. I would love to eat a noh kyung, thank you.
by iliketoeatnohkyung May 14, 2009
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