the hottest chick in town; super snazzy; looks good with blue hair; her milkshakes bring all dem boys to the yard
dude: omg have you checked out lycia's milkshakes
other dude: yea i went to her yard
by The Anonymous Rainbow Unicorn November 07, 2015
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She is the sexiest girl in town. She can use encouragement from others from time to time, even when having a high confidence. She loves to hype her friends up and make them feel happy, and usually isn't very nasty towards you unless you get in the ways of her goals and mess with her friends. She knows what she wants and isn't worried to cut people off if you are using her or if your toxic. Goal orientated and charming, she is the girl you wish you would've met earlier.
"Have you seen that new girl? she nasty af."
"Yeah, shes obviously the opposite of Lycia."
by winered December 30, 2017
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