a werewolf.

mental disturbance in which one believes he or she is capable of transformation into a wolf.

one who believes themselves to have the spirit of / spiritual kinship with an animal, usually a wolf.
some otherkin identify as lycanthrope.
by dagger_grrl May 9, 2004
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1. In folklore, any human that can, while being touched by the light of the full moon, can turn into an animal, or animal/human hybrid. They can be evil, like werewolves, or good, like werebears.

The original werewolf legend was that you sold your soul to Satan, and he gave you a wolf-fur belt or cape, that when worn, would turn you into a wolf. NOT a hybrid. In folklore, running into a rye field would save you from a werewolf, because rye is a holy grain eaten by monks. Killed by silver. Supposed identifying marks include unibrows, index-finger as long as the middle finger, pointed nails, and stale breath.

2. A much better monster than vampires, which are stupid overrated goth pussies. See pussy. A werewolf is stronger, faster, more resilient than a vampire, and a hell of a lot cooler.
The dude's a lycanthrope, seriously. Lookit how he always disappears every full moon.
by Alexander Girard February 5, 2006
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A medical issue that almost signifies the turning into a wolf. If concerned or suspicious of yourself, or a friend being somewhat of a "lycan" or "werewolf" then keep the following in mind. Most symptoms include a sudden craving for raw or under-cooked meat. A tendency to sniff the air for a sudden scent. Also there may be some hidden symptoms that you must pay close attention to see, for the victim may attempt to conceal them. Have them touch silver, but not any, due to the fact that some are manufactured fakes, so a sterling silver item may do. To tell if they are indeed cursed, once they touch the item, their hand will start to burn and ash. Other symptoms include when extremely angered, the eyes will shift colors, and the pupils will become dog like. not only that but you will notice a new personality consuming them, along with an extremely cocky attitude.
but if that doesn't get you going, then wait for a full moon, ask them to hang out, if they say they have "other plans" than that could mean they are changing that night.
but I do give extreme caution, do not follow on a full moon!
depending on how far they have progressed, that will determine how dangerous they become. for example, if they have only been in their situation for say a couple days to a week, they will be stuck in the process of a wolf-man type, which basically causes them to grow longer fur like hair on head, and it will abnormally grow out as if it were stood up by gel. also hair will grow on sides of face extending from sideburns, and the canines will grow longer and more dog like. lastly nails will grow sharp, and fur will consume arms. If a little more than a week, then bone structure in face will change along with growing a tail. If progressed to more than a month from said bite or scratch, then they could become full lycanthrope. this could be described as a giant wolf demon. They will become large, legs will bend and shape , the tail and snout will grow along with more bone structuring changes, and muscles will become ripped and tense, fur will become all body, and lastly they will have no, and or all lack of control, unless they are well defined by it.
Refrain with thought and caution, friend or not, they will not hesitate to kill you, and if lucky enough to survive, kill yourself, and think of those closest to you. Also if completely aware of self control, they can change at any moment.
bob-"hey tony, it get the feeling troy is a lycanthrope.

tony-"you mean like a wolfman?"
by Dr.Gary Stacy May 14, 2008
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A person who has the mental disorder of believing he/she is a werewolf.

A mythical beast from stories and legends.

Is not usually considered a simple conntection, such would describe a Therianthrope, rather than a Lycanthrope.
The girl at my school believes she turns into a white wolf at night and saves people. She may be considered a Lycanthrope.
by Anuolf February 17, 2005
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All three of you are wrong... A lycanthrope can be a crazy person but, they are people that are so obsessed with werewolves that they can be classified as werewolves themselves. Therefore if you are a Lycanthrope then you may call yourself a werewolf.
That man is a Lycanthrope, he must be a werewolf.
lycanthrope=modern day werewolf
by alex126 May 18, 2004
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First off if someone thought they could shift into a werewolf thats hysteria. Lycan originates from latin "canine". thrope is shift. Also known as shapeshifter but more or less used with werewolves.
Anita blakes lover, Richard, is a lycanthrope and the Ulfric for his pack.
by Pirate Al April 5, 2005
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"Wee I'm a lycanthrope. Sometimes I just can't control my wolf side, oh deary me."
by 404 May 30, 2003
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