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Any meal between lunch and supper that takes the place of both.
Didn't have time for lunch today, so I had lupper.
by Denmo August 30, 2005
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Mid afternoon meal between Lunch and Supper. Similar to Brunch being a mid morning meal between Breakfast and Lunch. Not to be confused with Tea which is a midday snack rather than a meal.
She was hungry having had no lunch and not wanting to wait for supper she cooked herself some lupper and ate it greedily.
by Andy Bennett November 30, 2007
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lunch and supper together, differnt variation of linner.
I didn't get a chance to have lunch so i'm haveing lupper.
by Jason November 07, 2003
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part way between lunch and supper, like brunch only the afternoon version
the only time this meal would even be thought of is when your idiot family decides to leave like an hour before supper and cant stay just like 2 more freaking hours! so you end up eating lupper at like 3 in the freaking afternoon!
by iamawesome123456 April 14, 2009
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A fucked up combination of lunch and supper; caused when young lovers screw from the early hours of the morning to till the afternoon, and bodily needs (such as hunger) forces them to drag their sorry, teenage screwing asses out of bed to go to Denny's and fulfill their post sex needs. Then after filling their stomachs, the ignorant, idiotic teengers go back at it until they awaken again for brunch. The usual hours for lupper are from whenever the hell you start fuckin to 3 P.M.
Guy: yea yea get it oh wait im kinda hungry
Girl: lets go get sum lupper at dennys!
by thefinkles2014 January 14, 2011
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