deriving from a magical chat on the 29th of February, 2012. Originally, it was a spelling mistake for luck, but it has magically caught on in the Hustler/Lunker fanbase. We say that Lunk is another term for a penis, but you can really just put Lunk in to replace anything.

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"Good lunk!"
"Never gonna lunk you up, never gonna lunk you down. Never gonna lunk around and lunk you!" ~being lunk rolled
by Rick Lunkstly February 29, 2012
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Noun: A internet "link" that does not work to specification. Specifically if video and or sound is inoperable and henceforth ruins the masterpiece that is a short clip of a cat falling off of a table while Alicia Keys plays triumphantly in the background. A noise most accurately described as lunk is generally heard either in the distance over the left shoulder, or in the third eye region of the brain between the eyebrows and 1.5" behind the skull, as the viewer realizes that the link they were sent does not work.
You sent me a lunk! That youtube video of the epic finale of Pitch Perfect 2 had no sound! Send me a link please.
by Boberino May 09, 2016
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Lightly drunk and high but not quite drigh
He was lunk after the party
by The third wheel # 3 October 12, 2016
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A lunk of wood I always thought it was a word but apparently not soooo make it a word
A lunk of wood
by Shrekisking October 03, 2020
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Comes from lung gunk. It’s what you cough up when you have a bad cough.
My chest is so bad, I’m coughing up lunk.
by Lollymonster May 22, 2019
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