When a member of "Anonymous" baits a member of the Church of $cientology into saying or doing doing something so idiotic that it's funny.
"We gotta lotta lulz when that $ci-Fi mouthpice called us "little terrorists" in the newspaper".
by floridanon February 14, 2008
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Plural for common e-abbreviation LOL: "I am laughing out loud" ("Laughs" that I have made/am making out-loud).

Thus LULZ is "Multiple laughs, had out-loud". (I am having/have had) Laughs (made) Out-Loud".

Used in the precisely the same sense of the noun "laughs" as plural of a single laugh.

This is as opposed to the second/third person singular of the verb "to laugh" (i.e. "you/he/she/it laughs).
As with "We did it for the laughs (out loud).": "We did it for the LULZ."

Or "I went on the Tea Party website for (the) LULZ."

Note that placing the article "the" in front of LULZ is optional.
by Dicto Ergo Sum February 15, 2011
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encyclopedia dramatica loves the word so it can't possibly be good. Don't worry it's not. It's something overweight basement dwelling losers (read Encyclopedia dramatica writers and fans) use to justify everything they do.
rational thinker: hey what did you do over the weekend.

Encyclopedia Dramatica user: spent hours downloading gay porn to put on Encylopedia Dramatica.

Rational thinker: Oh that's pretty weird man, No wonder you live in your moms basement.

Encyclopedia Dramatica user: No I did it for the "Lulz"
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The ultimate currency. Exchange rates vary with time.

The origin of this usage is as follows:
For thieves the ultimate reason of action is loot. The ultimate loot is currency. The ultimate currency is lulz.
"For this epic battle axe, 30 lulz or 680 gold.'

"I did it for the lulz!"

"We got big lulz from that raid last night."
by _tlf_ September 19, 2007
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by pseudo-intellectual July 13, 2008
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Lulz is practically the same as lolz(the plural of lol(laughing out laud), just...
Well that is in the stars... even God doesn't know.

Lol -> lul; lols -> luls; lolz -> lulz.
Prs no1:And then he said, go home.
Prs no2:Lulz!
by Ian Storms January 26, 2006
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onomatopoeic transliteration of sound made while simultaneously laughing and trying to say, "lols", i.e "lol" pluralized, w/ the ever ubiquitous z for s spelling,
A: OMG MF U just pwned that noob!
B: lulz hahah oh teh lulz!
by tehdefiner May 1, 2014
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