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Equivalent in meaning to "LOL, what?!? haha"
A response used when someone says something that is amusing, unexpected and confusing.
"Hey I just saw your mum down at the supermarket"
"Yea, she went to buy a cucumber and some Vasoline"
by JBloggs December 31, 2016
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Translated to: 'LOL what?'. It's usually said when someone says anything. It's basically a senseless word that doesn't have a certain meaning. It can mean 'what?'. It can mean 'whatever'. The meaning changes day to day.
This word is usually used in chat rooms, forums or message boards.
"I rode my car the other day."
by Lulwut? October 24, 2007
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1. Laughing at somebodys complete stupidity in an online setting such as a forum or youtube.

2. Can also be said in an effort to make somebody look foolish.

3. This may sometimes be said to denote confusion with no bad intentions intended.

Also it is intentionally spelled incorrectly to annoy people of the Grammar Nazi Disposition.
Somebody posts something nonsensical or foolish on a forum, and the first reply is 'lul wut?'

After a big looong rant on the forum about internet peoples spelling someone reply's lul wut? to infuriate the OP (original poster)

A friend text you an incoherent message and you reply with 'lul wut?'
by Irishlooser18 January 08, 2012
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