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Quite possibly the capital Area of the world. No, really. Think about it:

All continents were once Africa, which makes it the geological capital of the Earth.
South Africa is the closest to 1st world in Africa, making it the capital country of Africa.
Gauteng is the capital province of Africa.
Johannesburg is the capital of Gauteng.
Northern Johannesburg is the capital area of Jo'burg.
Sandton is the Capital area of Northern Johannesburg.

I, thus conclude, that Sandton is the capital of the world. And there r hot chix an nice houses too!!
I want to go to Sandton cuz of all the hot babes!
Sandton rox dude!
I'm a gay poorboy and I hate Sandton.
I'm normal / cool, so I'm on my way to Sandton!!!
by Sandton-Boy January 12, 2006
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