The condition of having one's scrotum stick to one's leg after sitting down for too long.
"Hold that thought for a second, I gotta shake out this lugo!"

"Damn it's hot today, I got the worst lugo of my life"
by Oompah January 11, 2009
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When a girls nipples are so rock hard they poke through her shirt.
Example 1
James - "Dude check out that chick, she's poking right through her shirt."
Mike - "Yeah man the Lugo is strong with this one."

Example 2
Tyrone - "Ew man look at that ugly chick, she's Lugoing hard."
Steve - "She brings shame to the Lugo."
Tyrone - "Still hit it doe."

Example 3
Rod - "Wow that girls nips are so hard they are like crystals."
Frank - "Yup, definitely a crystal Lugo"
by I'm judging your breasts January 26, 2014
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Lugo is a word commonly used for a gay Latino boy that is often used as a “fuck hole” and whore in south Florida this person cannot be trusted and also plays the victim in any situation
“Is that a Lugo”
“Yeah total whore dude and super fake don’t mess with that”
by Gscryder May 23, 2019
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