An extremely short twitch streamer who claims to be tall
Friend 1: Did you see Ludwig's stream last night?

Friend 2: Who's Ludwig?

Friend 1: Shortwig.

Friend 2: What?

Friend 3: What?
by RRobo December 27, 2019
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1.Awesome, amazingly amazing, so awesome its fuckin' unbelievable, crazily masculine, just god damned, fuckin', amazingy!

2.Good at fighting.

3.A German name meaning famous (Lud) warrior (wig)
"have you tried those drums over there?"
"no, are they good, man"
"Fuck yeah! There Ludwigs bro!"
"Dude! thats the shit! I gotta get some like that!"

1."dude don't mess with him he's a Ludwig! He'll fuck you up!"
by The dude with the answers June 30, 2008
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A well known drum and percussion instrument manufacturer. Many famous rock drummers use or have used Ludwig drum kits, including: John Bonham, Ringo Starr, Neil Peart, Roger Taylor, Alex Van Halen, Bun E. Carlos, Ginger Baker, Ian Paice, and Mitch Mitchell.
Man, John Bonham sure made some good beats with his Ludwig drum kits.
by signull July 30, 2006
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One of the fastest button mashers in Mario Party

Ludwig is an extremly short twitch streamer that claims to be tall
Friend 1: Did you see Ludwig's stream last night?

Friend 2: Who is Ludwig?

Friend 1: Shortwig

Friend 2: What?

Friend 3: What?
by Kerpx May 27, 2020
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Look at that dudes hair, he looks like Ludwig Van Bethoven. What a Ludwig.
by TaintedLove May 3, 2009
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when two females combine their eggs to create a child. This child is known as a ludwig.
Patty and her girlfriend Penelope noticed that their baby was a little different than the others. However, they blamed this predicament on the fact that the baby is a ludwig.
by ludwig baby March 10, 2010
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Friend 1: *just got done watching Willy wonka* lmao those short people are funny.

Friend 2: you mean Ludwigs?

Friend 69: what?
by June 9, 2020
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