Decent rapper. Has beef with... Bill O'Reilly???
After taking on 'the Factor' and 'the Oprah Winfrey show', I'm worried Ludacris will be no match for Gordon on Sesame Street.
by William Henry Cosby July 26, 2006
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Hey bitches and ho's ludacris is a great ass rapper from da ATL. and of course ere'one is complaining o shit its degrading to women. well until i hear a black hood rat complaining about o how luda is so mean to women i dont realy care. Like in da words of da funny ass chris rock " You see black women dancing to the nastiest shit... we should all be ashamed for liking this song- Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys" he didn't even need to finish the damn sentence. so ere'one who complain about how luda is degrading go and tell shawnna to quit DTP stupid ass bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got ho's in different area codes- Ludacris Nigga!!!!!!!!!!!
by r1g0d4k1d August 24, 2006
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One of the greatest main-stream rappers out there. His lyrics don't only have good flow but, they make bounce off the fucking wall with laughter. This is coming from a White/Filipino girl who also listens to rock and has been raised to hate rap, so you know he has to be good.
Ludacris's songs are... ludacris!
by CryingRook May 14, 2006
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A rapper who would be so much better if he didnt exploit women.. he calls them all hoes and stuff when women aint always like that..
"I got hoes"
"Youz a hooooooe"
"I said dat u'z a hoe"
by Shawnee_Hunni May 06, 2005
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A twit whose songs should make women want to remove his testicles with a rusty coke can, as they are so offensive and degrading. He also cannot speak the English language worth a damn. Perhaps someone should explain this thing called grammar to him.

In addition, likes to use gay slurs. Glorifies violence. Disgusting human being in general, really.
"The bitches want me to fuck them"

"All you faggot motherfuckers make way for 2-0"
by chem grrl April 02, 2005
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another scumbag "rapper" or "hip hop artist" that makes a living by producing songs that glorify life as an ignorant, cocky ghetto-nigger with lots of money, "bling bling" and "hoes", or whatever other stupid trend-of-the week the monkeys are pitching these days on MTV.
Ludacris is fucking stupid mainstream trash and I hope you get robbed by a moolie if you listen to him.
by niqquh December 11, 2005
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A fine arse nigga who always has something "BIG" in his videos. I wonder what it all means? :-D
Also my husband and Babyz daddy!! Alwayz will be MINE!!!
Sings: Fat Rabbit, What's your fantasy, Area codes, Saturday, and Get Back. His cd's are: Back for the fisrt time, Word of Mouf, Chicken and Beer, Incongnegro, and Red Light Disctrict.
Got'em all Baby!!!!
by Luda Lover 24/7 January 16, 2005
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