God's favorite son. Lucifer is heaven's pansy whining rich boy. He had it all, all the powers of the universe, loved above all angels and all God asked was that he serve by assisting mankind. Poor whiny Lucifer got all pissy and demanded that mankind worship him. God said, nobody worships anybody but Me! Lucifer then walked away from heaven like a cry-baby and into Hell. Mankind was created and he then decided to screw with them. He has spent eons attempting to piss off God by messing with the minds of men and women. All this time however, God still loves him the most. Even above humans, and his other son, Jesus. God allows Lucifer to pretty much do whatever the Hell he wants, and has never asked anything of him since. Meanwhile he subjects mankind to unending tortures and horrors, and without mercy. He even subjected his human son, Jesus to abominable tortures. Lucifer is also known as the biggest pussy-weakling in the universe because he has never known suffering(other than his own self-pity). Some humans identify with this pussy's whining, and choose to worship him, others have picked Jesus, the other son. Others are pissed altogether, and cannot believe that God would even allow such a basard to be let loose to do the kind of damage he has done. Lucifer has never known starvation, physical pain, loss of love, age or failure. Human beings, although superior to Lucifer, are still left to live in a hell worse than Lucifer's Hell, and God sill refuses to even speak to mankind. Lucifer and God both are indeed the biggest bastards in the universe, but Lucifer is the biggest because of his spoiled rich-kid status. Human beings commit one or two crimes and get sent to Hell forever, and Lucifer, who is given power to be loosed on earth can come and go as he pleases, and is ultimately untouchable by God and his angels. (You'd think God would have just killed the fucker, made him NOT exist or something...)Human beings to this day generally like Jesus better because he's gone through the same shit they have on earth, but ultimately, humans have come to realize God is a dead-beat Dad. "Lucy" while having the power and ability to heal people would rather resort to childish tricks and evil like the little worthless fuck that he is, and therefore is the enemy of mankind.
Lucifer is the biggest pansy in the known universe.
by sternwise October 01, 2006
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Lucifer is a 6'5" strongly built fallen angel with long black straight hair. Wielding his greatsword, he led a rebellion of exactly 200 other angels (much less than a third of the host of heaven).

In the fighting, he personally killed and wounded several angels, Azeigial and Alexial among those killed. One of his two younger "brothers" -- some angels are created in sets somewhat like brothers -- Mikhail (aka St. Michael), in a rage over the killing of his friend Alexial, pierced with his own greatsword the lung of Lucifer, grievously wounding and defeating him.

Lucifer was dragged by Mikhail to Gods throneroom, where God, after hearing the testimony, banished Lucifer and his followers to hell, a realm which already existed, populated by races of (non-fallen-angel) demons. These pre-existent demons became subjects of Lucifer, as God allowed him to rule that realm. God employed Lucifer as a foil to strengthen mankind, giving him some license to tempt people.

Before the failed rebellion, Lucifer, having been originally created a four-winged Cherub, had been granted the high honorary title of archangel, and he was in line to be promoted to a six-winged Seraph (there were only six Seraphem at that time). Believe it or not, he may yet be allowed by God back into heaven, after being forgiven....
Lucifer is a fallen angel.
by Azeigial March 06, 2011
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Lucifer was not the highest angel of heaven as some suppose. Metatron and his twin "brother" Sandalphon were and are. They were and are Seraphem, and they were the first two angels created by God. As already stated, Lucifer was in line to be promoted into their ranks, though he would have been the seventh and most junior Seraphem.

Even in his exile, Lucifer serves God after a fashion. God has worked fallen Lucifer into His plan. It is also a fact that if God wanted to, He could annihilate Lucifer. But Lucifer is one of God's beloved sons.
Lucifer is a fallen angel.
by Azeigial March 06, 2011
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The "original rebel", who was also the most beautiful angel in Heaven. After rebelling against God, he resided in Hell for some time (or he created it from some already existing plane).
But soon all the anger and fury towards God that Lucifer felt took a form of its own - by seperating from Lucifer. This was the "birth" of Satan. Satan represents anger, and Lucifer is represents sorrow - or remorse or regret.
Lucifer is considered the original rebel.
by Ignaz Hellsing March 31, 2004
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Another name for Satan, Lucifer means the carrier of light, and appears frequently in occult prayer books. Lucifer is adressed in the black mass. Lucifer is usually seen as a gorgoylish creature of a lesser stance than god, unlike the devil.
Lucifer is also the physical manifestation of Satan on the surface of the earth.
Hey cool, I know what Lucifer means now.
by Gunkglumb May 18, 2005
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A name commonly associated with Satan, the devil of Christian theology. The origin is most likely a mistranslated passage of the Bible, in which a prince named Lucifer is compared to the fallen angel. The terms Lucifer and Satan are now often interchaneable, and many believe that Lucifer was his name before he fell from grace.
"I am Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness! Behold my power and tremble! Boogity-boogity-boo!"
by Sean Piece October 16, 2003
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