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n. drug given to prevent blood clots

v. nursing school lingo for one who gets "knocked" off their feet by seriously awesome sex

n. Corny pick up line by weird guy in nursing school, aimed at picking up one of his hot female classmates
Jane: Mrs. Wakenstine's Lovenox is due at 0800. Would anyone mind checking this drug with me before I give it?

Rachel: Holy Shit man! Our gardener Juan fucked me senseless last night. It was total lovenox nirvana!

Jessica: Rach you totally gotta hook me up!

Rachel: Hell no bitch! Once your Lovenox'd like that, you'll never be the same... he's all mine

Wierd Ass loser nursing school guy:
Hey baby! YOur lovenox me off my feet

Hot Nursing student: Piss off weird ass! Your freakin me the hell out....
by globalDIVAlove March 28, 2010
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