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a pair of hard egg-shaped artifacts usually joined by a cord. they are "worn" inside the vagina whilst walking/working/dancing etc. to give sexual gratification
you could tell Irma had no panties on. she coughed, tripped, and her love eggs shot out and nearly killed the doorman
by theWestHamfan November 15, 2003
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A love egg is comfortable, loving place where friends can study, watch TV, or just hang out. It is created by pushing two couches (preferably of same size) together to create an enclosed space (a love egg).
Brianna: "hey guys I made a love egg on the lien one common room, want to come study"
Sammie: "Oh sure, as soon as I'm done watching meatspin!"
Alyssa: "Thanks for making such a special place for us to hang out Brianna"
by DeltaINO May 13, 2009
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a womens toy. when inserted into a womens special area, gives extreme pleasure, or a big mess from Crowle.
Lovell is a love egg.
by L.F. Lovell December 11, 2007
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