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Someone who is able to make love for more than 24 hours straight.
Damn he is just one big love machine, he runs for 77 hours straight without being oiled.
by DougMR August 07, 2005
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An insatiable sexual dynamo who is fuelled by the consumption of alcohol. Typically found entertaining friends at the beeratorium, they are easily identified by their intellectual yet smouldering sexuality, non-stop banter (the volume of which is directly proportional to the amount of alcohol imbibed) and a general inability to keep their cock in their pants. Keen metallurgists with a particular fondness for brass they are one of the chief exponents of beer goggles and regularly suffer from beermentia.
Girl 1 - Check out that stud muffin at the bar wearing the white shirt
Girl 2 – Wow! What a Love Machine.
by theonetheywonttalkto February 11, 2012
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