An Attraction for someone; you're feigning for them in every way...physical and mental
I got a love jones for her body and her skin tone
by Simone May 7, 2005
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when your just deeply in love
girl, I think i have the love jones for my boyfriend of 2years
by darlene Jackson April 3, 2005
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havin deep feeings for a certain person that devevlops into love or a crush
Girl i gotta love jones for him but it aint nuffin deep
by E.Fizzle May 30, 2005
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Put the love jones in your mouth so I can feed you some of this coconut milk. Beeoch.
by Evull-E November 2, 2004
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When you ache in the stones for the love of the woman you re addicted to.
Girl you gotta give me some cuz my love Jones is comin' on strong!
by KarmaMechanic April 19, 2018
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