Flabs of fat on the side of your torso, usually (99%) hated and adhored.
She had some ugly lovehandles.

He bought an Ab Machine to work off some of those lovehandles.
by Amayra January 23, 2007
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When you need a little more to grab onto, when you're sliding your hot cock up your lover's tight ass, these guys jiggle just right.
by kidg May 21, 2008
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the fat packs on the side of a chicks waist
damn my love handles r gettin bigger while my ass does the same.
by straight fry November 29, 2003
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Referring to the shape of your hand when you have a woman on all fours and have your thumb up her arse and your fingers in her fanny.
Also known as the bowling ball grip.
Bend over love so I can fit you with a love handle.
by Gary Bundy November 25, 2007
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An extension on the side of surfboards that allows for extra turnage and control...
Did you see the love handles on that surfboard??
Say what??
yea the extension on his surfboard he can get such awesome turns off of them
by girliegirl8373 December 07, 2007
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A "Love Handle" is a cute term given to someone you love such as your friend or significant other.

Love handle: A friendly nickname or moniker. But love handles are a bit more unique and personal than your run of the mill nickname and pertain to the person's interests or appearance. So, something as simple as "Sweetie" would not be recognized as a Love Handle.

Such "Love Handles" can also be used as code when you are talking about a person you like and you don't want other people in the room to know their exact identity.
I gave the guy I like the Love Handle 'Orange Crush' because he's a red head & likes R.E.M, and I like Orange Soda...
by ZeeaDarling October 21, 2010
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