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A scary fat kid that charges at you from afar. he brags about how awesome and rich he is even though hes an emo smurf
kid:"im so rich"
other kid:"stop being a Loukas!"
by lukas?! February 05, 2015
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A god among men the best of the best. can make anyone do anything without lifting a finger
God couldn’t measure up to any Loukas
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by Moopkuiee22 October 07, 2019
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A Roblox exploit developer that supports communism with his friends during a party.
I don't want to piss off Louka or he will get Juche to support him
by Detricon May 29, 2018
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Loukas is a very caring, funny guy. He will give you his undivided attention unless he is playing video games. If you don’t have any money with you, Loukas will buy you something to make you feel better. Loukas is a lovable person that makes friends so easily. He might look scary at first, but inside he is a big teddy bear
Guy: that guy looks so mean
Other guy: Nah he is just a Loukas
by That Chick Knows What She Doin October 28, 2019
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