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Louisville, ohio is a quiet little town located about 15 min. outside of canton. its the place where all the old people are racist and the kids claim they arent, but we all know they are. everyone is always in everyone else's business, even the athletic director's secretary knows when you broke up with your significant other. we're awesome at sports and we aren't afraid to show/say it, which is the reason everyone claims we're they're biggest rival. its the place we cant wait to leave yet everyone always ends up coming back. we love it and hate it at the same time.. its soo small...everyone're fucking jealous!!
louisville, ohio is not racist...see we'll show you with the 0% black population...
by ltown lover for life May 09, 2006
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Louisville, Ohio is officially the worst place in the world to live. Louisville is home to the Louisville City School District, one of the worst school districts a student could enter. The Louisville City School District, along with the city of Louisville, discourage any differences in people, furthering the stupid belief that everyone should be exactly the same.

The only way to fully understand the hell that is Louisville is to live there.
Louisville, Ohio: Hell on earth.
by louisville sucks March 28, 2007
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