the cutest man on the planet who the millie stans all want. an underrated cutie yup!!!
person one : hey man! my girlfriend won’t stop talking about louis partridge!
person two : that sucks ... well what can you do?
by L 😜😜 September 30, 2020
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the most sexiest man alive. he is so hot that whenever anyone looks at him, they think he is the most hottest person ever (which he is)
“louis partridge is so sexy oh my fucking god
by missgurlasf January 11, 2021
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literally the CUTEST man in the word .hes mine so dont touch him.Hes an amazing actor .go stream enola holmes babes.He is so adorable and HIS LITERALLY THE CUTEST THING .ok sorry.hes amazing go check him out if you want a celebrity crush.but he already has a girlfriend which is me so .you can simp but not too much chill anyways so
girl 1:who is louis partridge ive been seeing him all over tiktok
girl 2:hes my husband
by lasforever December 21, 2020
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that very handsome boy who starred in Enola Holmes...not only he's a good actor he SKATES, PLAYS PIANO, CAN PLAY FOOTBALL, And is a very wise young man :) the minute i knew he can skate i knew he was THAT man.
I would let Louis Partridge step on me and I'd thank him.
by peachyyjhs November 5, 2020
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a hottie who stars in enola holmes, and millie bobby brown steals him from all the ladie >:c
did you hear how hot louis partridge is, but millie is stealing him from us
by Athiebear October 4, 2020
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Hottest hot of them all. Super sexy and will be my next husband
Hey look it’s lydia Mallory’s husband LOUIS PARTRIDGE
by i’m asian and eat dogs October 25, 2020
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