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A piece of crap email and data base client server. It has millions of user throughout the world, however you won't find anybody who considers it easy to use.

Interfaces are difficult to navigate and the programme often crashes or stays hanging, requiring the user to restart the application or completely reboot the computer. It is characterised by ugly colour schemes and unecessarily tedious command requirements to carry out simple tasks. Want to see an email attachment with just 2 mouse clicks? Forget it. The use of Lotus Notes is scientifically linked to rage disorders.

As one website puts it, it is "the digital equivalent of being kicked in the groin upon arrival at work every day"
Welcome to your new job Sir, here we use Lotus Notes...Sir, why are you running away? Sir...Sir!!!
by Jim Birtwisle February 20, 2008
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Software that clearly was written by "Learn Java in 24 Hours" graduates. Causes your computer to slow dramatically and makes email collaboration a terrible experience.
Executives chose Lotus Notes because it is clearly better than Outlook.
by LotusBlows February 07, 2005
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(1) A groupware solution that incorporates application development and email.
(2) A groupware solution that should improve its email application to be more user friendly.
Lotus Notes enables us to save money on licensing due to development of our own apps.
by jondapicam November 05, 2003
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