1) To suck completely
2) To be the worst at the most categories as compared to others. i.e. being the ugliest, stupidest, and smelling the worst all at the same time. Only one thing can be lorange in any given situation, as there is no lesser degree of lorange. Lorange is the absolute worst.
3) The complete opposite of steez.
"Look at that guy over there, trying to pick up those girls. He's way too ugly and dressed way too poorly to get her", Jim casually said to John. "Yea," replied John, "that guy's so lorange."
by T-Platinum August 5, 2005
The absolute worst in any catagory, of any person, place or thing at any given time.
The opposite of steez
You lose your job, your girlfriend dumps you, you get food poisoning, lose your liscense, snap your deck, your speakers blow out, you run out of toothpaste, you stub your toe, and its too hot, you're lorange.
by richarddubs August 6, 2005
a man's penis with pubic hair that extends all the way to the head of the penis. (if circumsized) or all the way to the tip. (not circumsized)
kris has the sickest lorange ive ever snuck a peak of....
by Spreenug October 17, 2005
An orange that looks like a lemon, or a cross between a lemon and an orange.
We finally have a word that rhymes with orange--lorange!!

I found a lorange in my bag of oranges.
by meow2u3 November 21, 2008
Any word that rhymes with orange. Note: in an odd twist of fate lorange is a lorange
lorange, forange, scorenge, porenge
by boot man January 27, 2011
1. an ugly duck. a duck that is ugly or outcasted from society for various reasons such as:one who does not like strawberries
2.a duck that does not, perhaps, grow to be a swan
"She wouldn't eat the frosting because it had weird texture. What a lorange."
by angela marieE June 5, 2006
A type of European paper towel. Similar to cough drops being known as lozenges.
Me: Hey bro can you pass me a lorange? I spilled some water on the table!
Friend: sure thing! Glad you bought extra loranges the last time we went to the store!
by LargeOmelette May 18, 2020