loraine is not innocent but she a great friend to be with she really weird but she show her real side she is good at singing who ever has a friend named loraine u will be pleased she will always be with you .
omg look at that girl named loraine she soo funny and weird i lover her
by yolo2000003 November 6, 2017
an unbelievably awesome chick that everyone likes.
"Did you hang out with Loraine?"
"Hell yeah, that chick is wicked awesome."
by Princess17 August 27, 2008
Loraine is a sweet and kind girl. Very outgoing! Some people want to be Loraine. Loraine's love so much there hearts are so big for people and there is always room for more!!
Love is Loraine
by Bella Mella February 3, 2010
The most amazing girl you'll ever find. She is sweet. Cute. Funny. Can be quite silly at times. And is very talented. She makes everyone around her smile and does not cease to bring joy to others.
Isn't Loraine so amazing?
Yeah. Maybe I'll ask her out.
Haha. Not if I do it first.
Haha. Hey see that fire extinguisher over there?
by Not Bruce Lee February 26, 2012
Also known as Steel City, L-Town, Little Cleveland, or simply the ghetto. Incredibly well known for its large Hispanic population, crime rate, steel mills, and extremely poor inhabitants. Most people that live in Lorain want to get out, but very few do. People from Lorain are hardcore; we don't start things, we finish them. Hometown of Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison.

Can be used as an adjective to mean "ghetto".
Look at that guy, he's sooooo Lorain.
by TheRevolutionary April 14, 2011
Loraine is a nice person she is sweet and cares for others and she can also be mean and she is cute, awesome, strong, and rude
Loraine cute smart and fun. Also not very kind she is also known as rude too.
by Lillylill12 September 14, 2018
1. A slang term for anything that's similar to Lorain, Ohio (ghetto, gangsta, dirty, etc.).

2. An industrial slum city on Lake Erie in NE Ohio in the Cleveland area. Its nicknames include L-Town, Steel City, Lo-City, 440, and Puerto Ricohio. There's a very large steel mill located in Lorain, and Lorain has the highest Hispanic % of any city in Ohio (mostly Puerto Rican/Boricua). Lorain is infamous for its very high crime rate, gangs, poverty, pollution, decay/abandonment, 3rd world conditions, large Puerto Rican (and black) community, and industrial origins. The people who live here also have great pride for the city, despite how bad it is. We do have Lakeview Park, and the SW and NE sides are decent. Unlike most people on this site who say their city is ghetto (when its really safe and suburban), Lorain is actually a very gangsta/dangerous city. Even much worse than its cousin to the south, Elyria (Southside Elyria, Thug City is very ghetto though).
1. Cleveland is ghetto, dirty, and has giant steel mills, Lorain?.

2. Suburban Guy: "Where you from"
South Lorain Guy: "Lorain"
Suburban Guy: "Oh god, please don't kill me!"
(Suburban Guy runs away crying)
by MartinezLorain May 5, 2009