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Also known as Steel City, L-Town, Little Cleveland, or simply the ghetto. Incredibly well known for its large Hispanic population, crime rate, steel mills, and extremely poor inhabitants. Most people that live in Lorain want to get out, but very few do. People from Lorain are hardcore; we don't start things, we finish them. Hometown of Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison.

Can be used as an adjective to mean "ghetto".
Look at that guy, he's sooooo Lorain.
by TheRevolutionary April 13, 2011

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Also known as C-town, but don't call it the "mistake on the lake" (they don't like that there). Royally screwed over by LeBrana. On that note, all the sports teams are known for losing. Bipolar weather; you get all four seasons in a day if you wait long enough. Economically slumping, but there's some pretty cool stuff there sometimes.

Hey, we're not Detroit.

Used as an adjective - could refer to anything bipolar.

Used as a verb - to get screwed.
Adj: This prof is so Cleveland today.

Verb: We just got totally Clevelanded.
by TheRevolutionary April 13, 2011

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