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A word derived from the term lol and the holocaust. It hints that you are making them laugh so hard that 7 million jews are dying while it happens.
"Dude Judy got a roffle last night!"
by Brenden Barton May 19, 2005
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A somewhat tasteless portmanteau of the internet abbreviation lol and the Holocaust. Used either as an indication of extreme hilarity, or, alternatively, a sardonic rejoinder to a failed attempt at levity. An animated .gif file showing ASCII men and women being gassed has emerged on the Internets.
"So then, he's just about to finish me, and he gets team-killed by a nüb with a Deagle!"
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The lollocaust happened after the whales motor boated the dolphins back in the 1380's. The dolphins wanted revenge for the motor boating so they came along and were know as the Hah-zis. They were hot laughers who blinded whales with their looks, and made them deaf with their laughs, so when they went to kill them, they got the arrouslement of the screams the whales made that sounded like Hellen Kellar losing her virginity. Though many believe the lollocaust never happened, it did. Just ask Joan Rivers, she's been alive long enough to tell the story.
Did you hear about the lollocaust?
It was so brutal, I may just scream like Hellen Kellar losing her virginity too.
by Anonymous times 4 January 07, 2010
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