1. lolb stands for lol back. lol backs are normally used in football to laugh at a play if something funny happens. lolb take the position of left outside linebacker when they are put in the game.
*Quarterback throws the ball and pops his receiver in the head*
lolb: LOL!
by comawhite19oo January 26, 2007
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IM/Text slang for "laughing out loud bitterly."

Similar to "lol," used in text situations where you want to show that you laughed, not in a pleased or amused way, but in a bitter, cynical, depressed, or angry way.

Associated with dry, humorless laughter, or short harsh laughs like "HA!"
Buddy: "did u hear about ur ex? shes in cali! i think shes done half LA already lol"
You: "lolb yeah, shes a whore"

You: "good news: john mccain lost. bad news: barack obama won."
Buddy: "lolb! we r so screwed no matter wut. the usa is broke man"
by terraincognita May 10, 2009
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Laughing Out Loud Bitches

when something's so funny a simple lol just doesn't do
* facebook chat*

Bob : im going to smack your mum ;P
Guy: Lolb
by The Clarkster 101 July 22, 2009
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Khalil Mack is a better LOLB than Von Miller according to the stats that Mack has which is 8.5 to Von Miller’s 8.0 sacks.
by Jayyythecoach March 26, 2020
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