when you get called on in class but you dont even know what fucking class youre in
teacher: ummm, barry, do you have the answer?
barry: *doesnt even know what class hes in* 47?
teacher: no, its pathetic fallacy
barry: logie
by yeetyeet i like feet January 20, 2019
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The singular variation of a loogie ("a wad of spit"). Often a logie can be found dribbling down the chin of the spitter given that there was simply not enough spittle to create a proper loogie, hence, a logie.
My mouth was dry when I logied the watermelon seed, only to have the seed stick to my chin.
by Testicleez July 27, 2006
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The overwhelming feeling of being too full and sleepy after too a big meal. It happens after eating too much turkey on Thanksgiving, or eating a pizza and several beers.
Tom: I can't believe I ate the whole pizza.
Holly: We totally have to go out tonight.
Tom: I am feeling Logi and I need to nap.
Holly: No Way
by ct_sailor January 13, 2011
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"Time for a break. The group is getting logy"
by Don Rae December 9, 2006
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The "logies" refers to the sluggish or sleepy feeling that one develops after eating a large meal.
No, I can't move. I destroyed that pizza and now I have a bad case of the "logies."
by partyviking June 26, 2013
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A freakazoid. But someone you love.
They come from a breed of flying squirrels.
Bob: Yo that girl Logi is such dope
Bill: No way yo, she's such a squirrely freakazoid!
by Poo.face January 7, 2009
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Little small young seminole indians
That logi will be getting mad money every month, just bc we supposedly stole their land.
by brad_d November 8, 2006
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