A process involving the removal of a critical part of the brain (through the nasal cavity) that is also a pre-requisite action before becoming a PID theorist.
"I have had my lobotomy" said the PID theorist.
by The Great Apocalypse February 4, 2015
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a song by Green Day. its on their album, "21st Century Breakdown".
person 1: have you heard the song "Before the Lobotomy" by Green Day?

person 2: yeah! its a really good song!
by Mr.Minority August 25, 2010
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The act of drinking heavily to induce a blackout intended to wipe out a bad memory.

Also used to describe the act of waking up from a blackout night and getting totally smashed again to keep those memories from surfacing.
Oh man, I can't believe I just banged that chick. Gimme a bottle of Wisers, I need a liquor lobotomy.

Jesus christ, I just saw your grandmother naked! Pass me that bottle, I need a liquor lobotomy!

Jill: Do you even remember what you did last night?
Jack: Uhhh....no...nothing. The entire night is a blank.
Jill: Drink this. You're gonna need a liquor lobotomy.
by Somtaw January 26, 2010
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When you shove your dick so far up your partners anus you penetrate their cerebral cortex, leaving them in a drooling and incoherent state of mind (Much resembling a lobotomy)
1. I had a crazy time with Tommy last night. I swear that boy gave me an Anal Lobotomy.

2. Oh shit bro! I need to find a good place to dump a body. I think I just gave my girl friend an Anal Lobotomy
by PoppaGnatSperm August 14, 2010
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The inability to see the self defeating nature of one's own political position.
"Yeah, sure, the MM pundits all really THINK all those profane, irrational, logic-free thoughts (exclusively) but have learned to tone it down for their audience, some of whom actually missed the liberal lobotomy sessions." (actual usage)
by james r. johnson March 26, 2008
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A teenager who either acts stupid, has a brain fart and acts stupid, acts as is they've had a lobotomy, or acts like Riff Randall: Rock 'N' Roller.
1. After skipping school for three days to be the first in line to buy Ramones tickets...
Principal Togar: Kate, I am really surprised at you. I thought you would serve as a model for the rest of the school, not as an accomplice to delinquency.
Kate: Well, she's my friend.
Principal Togar: A friend that will lead you down the road to expulsion.
Riff: I'm a teenage lobotomy.

2. Guy: Dude, here's the deal, I'm going to go and talk to...
Girl: Hey boys, what's up?
Guy: What's up? So... what was I talking about? I just totally forgot.
Guy 2. Dude, what a teenage lobotomy.

3. Ummmmm, I was like umm, going home today ummm, and I like ummm, saw something and it was like uhhhh, something cool.
That's it? That's all you saw was something that was cool?
Uh huh.
What was it?
Ummmm, I don't know.
You took all that time to tell me something and you don't even know what you were talking about.
Wow dude, what a teenage lobotomy.
by We is scientists December 25, 2009
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Someone devoid of any grasp on reality. Brainless buffoon.
"Why is that man talking at me and making no sense whatsoever?" "It's OK he's a walking lobotomy".
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