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The male equivalent of a camel toe, but depicting the particular scenario of (usually a frenchman's) cojones falling out of homeboys' cut off jeans.
Maryse: I like your cut off jeans, Aria.
Brenna: Dammit Aria, you're supposed to wear underwear in those, your balls are falling out!
Aria: Shit, is my llama toe showing again?
by aria aka 'llama toes' May 12, 2010
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The male version of camel toe. When a guy's pants are so tight, the seam in his crotch separates his nuts and you can see one on each side of said seam. Cowboy hicks in tight Wranglers best describes this visual.
Omg! That guy's pants are so tight, he's got a llama toe!
by cormil1426 December 22, 2006
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Llama toe is a pain in your foot that comes from doing calf raises. Llama toe can also come from doing other weightlifting exercises. Do not mistake the week long pain as a stress fracture.
Person 1 - I've come up with a bad case of llama toe.
Person 2 - You sure it isn't a stress fracture?

Person 1 - Look at that chick she has some serious llama toe.
Person 2 - How would you know?
Person 1 - Because she told me.
by Randy June 20, 2005
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Basically, its when a really fat lady wheres REALLY tight spandex and struts around a bunch of 5th graders in gym class...usually caused by having unprotected sex with a llama, while wearing thoughs spandex...WARNING: LLAMA TOES CAN GET INFECTED WITH HIV BITCH.
Sean: Dude look at Ms.Armstrong's camel toe
Sean2: EWWW, dude thats like way worse then a camel toe, look at the way the moistier is spreading around her pants its LEAKING!
Sean: HAHA dude that aint no camel toe....ITS...ITS....

Together: A LLAMA TOE!
by the real swede April 06, 2009
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The same thing as a camel toe, only it spits.
After hours and hours of hot sticky sex, I blew a monster load in my girlfriend. Her llama toe made it look like she peed her pants
by David M Ross November 08, 2010
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