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laughing like a maniac
much cooler than lol
joker tells extremely funny joke
jokee responds: llam
by lollipop_kidd February 20, 2008
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ok say u and ur friend was txt and talking about a boy u saw that day that was trynna go smack at ur friend and this is ur convo....
me: rememba dat boy dat was trynna go smack at u? omggg did u c his ragedy ass shoes!?!?
you: hahaha yess dey was ugly as shit LLAM!!!
by <3luv55<3 July 08, 2010
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llam= laughing like a muppet

An abbreviation similar to lol where a person that's laughing, throws their head back similar to how muppets and sesame street characters laugh.
Guy 1 Facebook status:... and then I found five dollars

Guy 2 comment: llam. Cool story dude.
by sreyb February 21, 2011
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a shortened version of the more popular word llama, often used when there is an awkward pause in a conversation, and there is really nothing left to say, except llam, and then the two individuals conversing laugh, and resume conversation
"Yeah so that's basically it.."
"So anyway did you hear about Kirsten Pack? She's such a slut."
by asscheeksonmywhitetee January 15, 2009
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the noise yoshi from super mario makes when he eats things/people
you just got LLAMed
by LLAM34 March 09, 2010
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