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Lizanne is a beautiful person that brings happiness to everyone she meets. Lizanne is entertaining, funny, and always a blast to talk to. One who has befriended Lizanne should thank the heavens for it.
Ever since I met you Lizanne, I've been happier than I have ever been in my life.
by B_ryannn January 02, 2011
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one of a kind. good in bed - often reffered to as a Goddess. a great friend that cares about people. a very loyal friend. shes someone who can always make you smile and knows her way around your head. easy to love.
she's such a lizanne
by elliot22 December 19, 2010
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Lizanne is what happens to you when you are drinking a beverage (mostly alcoholic) and you burst out laughing and the beverage comes out of your nose and you spit on everyone!
The result: being sticky and your nose burns for one week and 3 nights....
"Someone told me about an umbilical cord kebab served to people who enjoys hurting girls - i laughed so hard i lizanned - and my nose is still burning!!"
by Miss Carstens June 18, 2008
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A girl who acts nice on the outside but has virtually no friends and will try to break friendships apart. She will befriend people and when trust is gained, she will try to make the pair of friends drift apart, usually gossiping about the opposite friend and making up lies about the opposite friend. She is usually snobby and is easily angered. In a fight, she will never admit her mistake and make up excuses and will only apologise if there are special benefits. She will always try and attract the attention of boys but usually fails, so she has no admirers. She also may stroke the ego of people with higher ranks, e.g. bosses , teachers, professors, etc.
I can't believe she just shoved me aside just to talk to my friend, she is such a Lizanne!
Do you see her flirting with that boy that has a girlfriend? What a Lizanne!
Do you see her rushing back to her seat when the teacher came in? What a Lizanne!
by Definitionaf May 14, 2016
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