Lizanne is a beautiful person that brings happiness to everyone she meets. Lizanne is entertaining, funny, and always a blast to talk to. One who has befriended Lizanne should thank the heavens for it.
Ever since I met you Lizanne, I've been happier than I have ever been in my life.
by B_ryannn January 3, 2011
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one of a kind. good in bed - often reffered to as a Goddess. a great friend that cares about people. a very loyal friend. shes someone who can always make you smile and knows her way around your head. easy to love.
she's such a lizanne
by elliot22 December 19, 2010
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Where to begin? Lizanne is everything you'll ever need in a friend! She is your go-to girl with any problem and always knows just what to say. She is very smart, especially with numbers! Lizanne is beautiful inside and outside! She has gorgeous curly hair and her eyes bling when she talks about something she loves. Her smile is one of the most beautiful things you'll ever see! She loves dancing and is spectacular in it. Lizanne is one of those people who will never let you down, she will always believe in you, like a mom. She loves her friends and always does these little cute things to show them. She has these wierd childlike interests that becomes totally addicting, but though her childlike interests, she is mature and always tries to do the right thing. She's an inspiration.
Oh yes I've met Lizanne, she is my go-to-girl!
by DAKDL June 22, 2020
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A lizann is a person commonly known to peers and youngsters as an awesome presence in any environment.

Provider of high comic relief due to extreme lack of coordination, often breaking objects accidentally due to ineptitude, but so charming one can only laugh in response on the way to the hardware store to replace said object.
Tragically mal-coordinated.
"Wow, you totally pulled a lizann!"
by the toxic_viking April 15, 2010
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Lizanne is what happens to you when you are drinking a beverage (mostly alcoholic) and you burst out laughing and the beverage comes out of your nose and you spit on everyone!
The result: being sticky and your nose burns for one week and 3 nights....
"Someone told me about an umbilical cord kebab served to people who enjoys hurting girls - i laughed so hard i lizanned - and my nose is still burning!!"
by Miss Carstens June 18, 2008
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