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Refers to a generation of society, born roughly around the death of grunge music, that refuses to believe anything that science tells them because it's too mainstream.

Science hipsters are the reason that we have people believe the earth is flat, and there is a 3rd option, besides male or female, to put on a birth certificate
I had to break up with Lisa. She kept telling me how the earth was flat and how She is going to let her baby choose her gender when it's old enough.

She is either stupid, or she is a science hipster.
by Ninja Nerd Warrior December 18, 2017
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The stack of money that a customer at a strip club places on the table, in hopes that it will get the dancers to talk to him. However that customer never spends a dime. Just puts that stack back in his pocket and leaves.
I always have at least $100 in ones on the table when I go to the strip club as stripper bait.
by Ninja Nerd Warrior March 29, 2014
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Those guys who bring food to a woman, who he isnt dating, at work. Hoping that it will get him sex in return.
Every stripper in the club has had food brought to them today. Apparently its Captain Feed a Ho day
by Ninja Nerd Warrior March 25, 2017
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Talking to two different people, with similar names, on social media. Flirting with the ugly one, mistaking them for the attractive one
I was talking to two girls named Nay. I started flirting with the wrong one. Now I cant get rid of her. That's what happens when you end up Catfishing Yourself
by Ninja Nerd Warrior May 10, 2018
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The children or team members of a cheer leading squad, but not limited to that sport or activity, usually overseen by an overly involved, overly protective parent or coach. Cheer pets can always be indentified by their smug attitudes, enormous sense of entitlement, and extremely narrow view of the outside world. Similar to that person at work whose Dad in the boss.
The only reason they are the captains is because their mom is the coach and they are her little cheer pets.
by Ninja Nerd Warrior January 9, 2015
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When you're at a comic convention and you hook up with a female in cosplay, that you thought was hot. But then you see her in her regular clothes and are severely disappointed.
I broke up with that girl that I met at Comic Con. She was Cosplay Hot. If she was always dressed like wonder woman, she'd be perfect.
by Ninja Nerd Warrior August 12, 2018
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When broke guys try to make it rain in the strip club, but only throw about $3 or $4 in the air
I was at the strip club last night with Barry. He tried to make it rain, but douche drizzle was the best he could be.
by Ninja Nerd Warrior July 14, 2015
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