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Anyone you absolutely hate with a seething passion. They may not be literally Hitler, but you will make things up about them to make them sound like they could be Hitler just to get others to hate them too. Unfortunately, if caught or if anyone disagrees with you may end up blocking or cutting ties with people.
Person A: Jasmine is literally Hitler, she killed her baby sister.
Person B: But Jasmine's little sister is sitting on my lap. She alive to me.
by Lumlotus December 09, 2016
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Anyone who disagrees with a Social Justice Warrior who doesn't understand the difference between figurtive and literal, especially if the person in question is in political office.
Donald Trump is Literally Hitler
by Awobbie June 12, 2017
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The act of being Hitlery.
"Yo, Tom's being a dick."
"Yeah dude, he's been literally Hitler all day. I think he needs a snickers."
by op and the faggots December 14, 2013
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Literally Hitler - To have extreme and immediate hatred for something but only in the moment.
*Dave is annoying Steve*
Steve: "Dave you're literally Hitler"
*Dave stops annoying Steve*
*The moment ends*
*no offense was had and everyone is still friends*
by TheIssueMaker January 31, 2017
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This word is commonly used when someone is being a fucking cunt or some shit
Timmy is literally Hitler, he told me to succ fuck a cucking duck
by Sicc a duck cuck November 13, 2017
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