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a word derived from "lit" with a change in pronunciation of Vietnamese because of the accent. It means someone or something is turning up or hyped up.
D: Whatchu doing?
Me: I'm lít in the bathroom!
by Wyzee July 20, 2016
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an object or idea that is cool sounding or cool for doing
That' so lit.
by hey its lit November 16, 2017
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People like to call things/people "lit" because they did/are doing something very cool or impressing. Lit is like another word for "cool" but it's a "cooler" word then "cool".

Aside from that, lit is also the past tense of light. Basically any object that was illuminated in the past was "lit." Another way is that an object that is ignited is "lit", with fire. It also means drunk.
Lit is also an abbreviation of many words. Like literature, liter, etc.
"That's so lit!"

"I lit the fireplace"

"The lamp lit up"
by DoorStopHandle June 26, 2018
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Travis Scott had the whole crowd going crazy last night, the concert was so lit!
by Thurnis Bailey February 14, 2018
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