A person who doesn’t care about anyone but herself and lies and create drama. She is also very intelligent when it comes to school.
by Lisely January 26, 2018
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The girl of your dreams. She’s the most gorgeous girl you will ever meet and is one of the most educated. She will speak her mind and will always be truthful to you. Be careful cause she is a little crazy at times
Emma-Lise is amazing
by Truthfulspeaker55 August 4, 2019
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1. An incredibly unusual human of the 'female' model.
Generally quite good-looking, artistic and generally, cooler than you.

2. Refers to a human female with a chameleon sensibility, but unchanging insides. Clothing styles she may embrace are: lolita, goth, steampunk, stitchpunk, and/or DYKEDOM. which is not technically a fashion.

3. a small, fetal potato.
That Anna-Lise is frickin' rad.
by Zeek_Wilde January 15, 2010
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The best mother anybody in the world can ask for.
"I love my mother. Her name is Lise Fox"
by X_OrganizedChaos_X February 20, 2018
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Anne-Lise is a wild free flowing spirit. She has the biggest crackhead energy. She gives good head and is absolutely stunning. Anne-Lise can takes jokes as well as she can dish them. She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and is always one of the boys. She never stops singing and dancing even if she can't do them well. She is a joy to be around.
Guy 1: "I feel like such a cuck, I haven't had my dick sucked in 3 months."
Guy 2: "Man, you need an Anne-Lise, she go hard."
by kittykat1422 February 7, 2020
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a massive cunt. the most uncool person in the entire world. smells like dogshit and looks like ass. has no friends and wishes she was someone else. also has a 11 toe and a hairy twat. cunt. and a liar too
bro 1: yo did u get with that girl last night?

bro 2: nah, she reminded me too much of an anna-lise.

bro 1: what a cunt
by johnny wormdigger March 27, 2010
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Award winning, Digital Artist, from British Columbia, Canada.
Lise Boucher would like to be internationally recognized as a self-taught Digital Artist.
by Eternal Mistress February 6, 2010
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