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Lise is a very smart person and all she does is making homework, school, going early to bed and waking early up to just make more homework. Good job Lise :)
person 1: Omg this homework is so boring. i don't want to make it.

person 2: hold an mate, i will find a Lise.
by JOE_Mamma123 January 10, 2022
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Une fille toujours souriante qui nous suit toujours dans nos délires comme meilleure amie, toujours là pour l'autre, elle est attentionnée et fait de son mieux pour aider ceux qu'elle aime dans la bienveillance la plus totale mais pourrait aussi être narquoise avec ceux qu'elle n'aime pas "de base". En effet, il y a certaines personnes qu'elle déclare ne pas aimer directement mais elle est sinon une excellente amie. Une très grande rieuse, plutôt optimiste qui va cacher son stress pour être au max à chaque moment !

Elle est magnifique, photogénique (mais fait souvent des grimaces XD), spontanée et drôle !
Mon amie Lise à jamais dans mon coeur x)
by yuhhmensrlsy November 21, 2021
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Liseli is a extremely uncommon name but I can guarantee you that if you have this name you’re either the smartest person alive or as dumb as a rock. If you’re fortunate and have this name you may be the smart one. You have the ability to finish work on time and completed, multitask, think twice, and the ability to succeed in life very easily. You’re most likely to sky rocket into the medical field or become a lawyer I mean after all, you are a complete and utterly genius. You care about the people around you and have so much self care and self love. You know you’re worth it and that’s why people love you so much. Then we have the other one and all I have to say to you is sorry. If you aren’t the type of people I just explained you’re the exact opposite. No offense you’re a real dumb fucking bitch let me tell you that. you are totally right brained and very impulsive tbh you’ve probably pierced your ears or cut your bangs at 3am sobbing on your bathroom floor well that’s if you have a bathroom you’re probably homeless. You are a total crackhead and value your friends more than anything. School isn’t your strong suit at all because like I’ve said you’re stupid as FUCK but you’ll probably thrive in the arts field, it doesn’t take a lot of smarts to sing a song or act on screen. Although your dumb, loud, annoying, impulsive, and a stone cold bitch you also have your sweet spots. You care about your friends and about people around you. You’re also very talented and a BIG extrovert
1. Liseli is such a genius

2. Liseli is on some fuck shit
by Emma_Numan November 17, 2019
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Lise Sandvik is the most beatiful girl on the planet. She is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She is Also the best hugger. Elsker deg ❤️
Lise Is the most beatiful girl ever

Lise Sandvik is the best person ever
by Kansjedetermeg October 9, 2018
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A mona lisa is a piercing where a beauty mark should be.
That girl with the red tights has a fucking mona lisa.
by TheQueenofKings March 19, 2005
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