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is the most awesome kind of perosn who loves chocolate and is the best.
First Person:Who is Linzi? Second Person:Me!
by linzi linzi linzi November 19, 2010
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A little 5 foot 2 inch scene kid with big babydoll eyes and known for being called "baby coon." She has aspirations of going to Harvard and wants to model. She isn't short, only "fun-sized" and very "portable." Not to mention, she's very deliciously tasty.
Wow, Linzi is totally awesome!
by BabyCoon July 10, 2008
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Blonde, blue eyes, 5'8 and a crackin figure. (In other words tasty!!!)
(Boy see's a girl with - see above)
Wow, she's Linzi!!!
by Steve June 06, 2003
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1. Sub-human
2. Coward or to lack balls
3. To show/display ignorance or to act incompetent.
4. Virgin or someone that never engages in sexual activity.
"Dont be a Linzi"

Person 1: "Dude did you get laid"
Person 2: "No I pulled a Linzi"

"I think I Linzi'ed this up...let me do it again"

"Did you see that Linzi get knocked out"
by Chonchon chopper dan February 04, 2010
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