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LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL's like MLK Blvd.'s can usually be found in the urban ghettos of American cities. Usually, they contain a disproportionately high percentage of African-American and/or Hispanic students.
"I went to Lincoln High School, so you know it was not private, and it was not prep."
by Jean January 21, 2005
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A high school located in southwest Portland, Oregon near downtown. Is 40% Jewish, 30% Buddhist, and 30% Christian and/or other. If you're not Russian, Korean, or originally from Canada, you're a minority. The median income for families whose kids attend Lincoln is $100,000 and many live in mansions. Needless to say, these kids love skipping school to go shopping downtown, yet still manage to pull off straight A's.

Fun fact: Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons attended Lincoln.
I went to Lincoln High School. I never went to class yet graduated with a 4.0 and got a $10,000 scholarship to Lewis & Clark. How I love being AZN!
by RiseUpPortland October 25, 2009
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A High School in San Francisco that has a lot of Asian people. A great school with a asian immigrant smelly cafeteria. This School is better than Lowell High school because we all arent nerd and dorks. The Mustang is the school Mascot. Built After our great president Abraham Lincoln.
The big building on 24th and Quintara
by Daniel Ocean February 10, 2005
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