Because "lol" is almost always false, and no one is really laughing out loud, limh was invented.

Limh stands for "laughing in my head", and is a more a accurate description of whats acctually happening.
Superboyz934:...To get to the other side!
Limher: Limh.
by The Blue Stormtrooper October 05, 2005
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person a: billy got in trouble for wearing that shirt
person b: limh
by codiferis October 30, 2007
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abbreveation of laughing in my head.-funny, but you make no laughter, i have made this to replace "lol" because noones really laughing out loud.
me: i sneezed.
me:thats not funny, there's no way you laughed in real life.
me: thats more like it.
by cameron maugh December 17, 2008
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Limh: Laughing in my head

The real way of lol. If you lol it means laugh out loud. We all know most people don't LOL the limh. If you Limh you saying it funny but im not loling.
Luke: Chuck Norris doesn't go to heaven, Heaven comes to him.
Brianna: Limh
Lucas: Limh
by LUK3 S June 14, 2009
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"Laughing Inside My Head" in lieu of lol which is rarely true when typed. LIMH is much more accurate when the user doesn't actually lol, but still finds something humorous.
Joe: She is so annoying, I would rather watch paint dry than hang out with her.
Jack: LIMH
by RDawg3 April 01, 2010
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