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Lily-Rose is usually defined as a person with zero tolerance to leg shaking, open mouth chewing, flatulance and different food groups touching one another. Also notorious for taking selfies, a Lily-Rose is a rare specimen as they are hard to get.
Bob: did you ask her out?
Jay: yea but she turned me down, what a Lily-Rose.
Bob: it might have had something to do with you shaking your leg, farting and chewing with your mouth open during lunch today.
Did you at least get a selfie with her?
Jay: of course!
by The true Definer December 14, 2015
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Is a sexy hot dreamy babe. Anyone would be lucky to have a relationship with her or even talk to her! She is one of a kind, too good to be true, she is way out of anyone’s league.
Nah man.. that’s a Lily Rose, you can’t get in with her!!!
by Ayebae December 05, 2017
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A beautiful young girl with a great personality and out going sense of humour. And has a very Juicy bum.And any boy to have a girl called lily rose is a special man to have such a gorgeous and loving girl. If you have a lily rose as a friend, girlfriend, bestfriend, daughter etc.. you are a very lucky person don't let her go she's amazing caring stunning young girl. If you have a lily keep her for as long as you can
That girl lilyrose is so beautiful
by Jameshutton March 12, 2018
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